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Fredy Tomas

Fredy Tomas

He was born and raised in
Murcia, Spain in 1988.
Growning up in an artistic
family, he had attended art
schools ever since he was a
child. He spent the afternoons
in his fathers studio Exotic
Tattoo, where he picked up a few tips.
by Cocoa Frontend on May 29, 2019
Angelo Nicolella

Angelo Nicolella

He was born in Naples in 1982.
He started tattooing in 2011,
starting with very simple
tattoos to gain experience
and improve. A few years ago
he decided to take the art
of realism and study all his
steps, he saw that from the
beginning of realism he was
already feeling more secure in
a realistic game than Japanese.
by Cocoa Frontend on April 29, 2019
Rodrigo Galvez

Rodrigo Galvez

Rodrigo Gálvez Miras was born
in 1981, on December 30th in
Almería, Spain. Due to the
artistic environment that
surrounded him, he
demonstrated an innate
quality for drawing
by Cocoa Frontend on April 18, 2019
Fede Gas

Fede Gas

Federico Andujar Perez born in
Seville in 1980. he grew deeply
in the Sevillian graffitti
scene, he started combining
the work he did on walls with
the new work he was doing on
the skin in 2006.
by Cocoa Frontend on April 08, 2019
Juan Pe

Juan Pe

Juan Pe was born on March 12,
1981 in Madrid. He started
tattooing in 2000 and luckily
Dani de Vallekas Tattoo Zone
gave him a chance in his
studio. Months later he
started working at La Avispa
Tattoo, where he spent four
years with Sebastian Romero
as his teacher.
by Cocoa Frontend on March 30, 2019
Xavi Garcia

Xavi Garcia

Xavi is a Fine Arts graduate,
photographer, technical
specialist, graphic arts
professor and a very skilled
tattooist who was born in
Valencia, Spain.
by Cocoa Frontend on March 23, 2019



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