Fredy Tomas

by Cocoa Frontend on May 29, 2019

He was born and raised in Murcia, Spain in 1988. Growning up in an artistic family, he had attended art schools ever since he was a child. He spent the afternoons in his fathers studio Exotic Tattoo, where he picked up a few tips.
His father, José Antonio Tomás "El Catalán" is a great artist and musician with more than 20 years of experience.

Instructed by his father and Paul "Hik”, he began to enter the world of tattooing at the age of 16.




The following year he was part of the Exotic Tattoo team in Murcia, where he worked for a few more years. Since then he has opened his own studio, also called Exotic Tattoo, located in a more central area of Murcia. In March of 2010 he attended his first convention where he also won his first prize. From that moment Fredy has been attending many conventions and winning as many events as possible.

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