Angelo Nicolella

by Cocoa Frontend on April 29, 2019

He was born in Naples in 1982. He started tattooing in 2011, starting with very simple tattoos to gain experience and improve. A few years ago he decided to take the art of realism and study all his steps, he saw that from the beginning of realism he was already feeling more secure in a realistic game than Japanese.

He has always been passionate about art, especially the art of Salvador Dalí. His passions and hobbies are basketball, electric guitar, metal and classical music, and everything related to technology.




His favorite artists in the world of tattoos are Dmitriy Samohin, Nikko Hurtado, Randy Engelhard, Bob Tyrrell, Carlos Torres. He has been to many conventions all over Europe.

He loves realism, it is the style he prefers, but also caricature is a style he likes and really enjoys. He currently lives in Milan, where he opened his own studio.

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