Rodrigo Galvez

by Cocoa Frontend on April 18, 2019

Rodrigo Gálvez Miras was born in 1981, on December 30th in Almería, Spain. Due to the artistic environment that surrounded him, he demonstrated an innate quality for drawing and painting at a very early age.

He began to tattoo some of his friends in a small town in Granada. A few years later he decided to open a small tattoo studio while still working at an office. He traveled within Spain to improve his technique before moving and working in New York.




His efforts to improve encouraged him to later move to Switzerland, where he worked on setting up his own studio, "Sailor & Saints”. Throughout the years, a long list of famous tattoo artists have guest-spotted in the studio. A variety of celebrities, such as, Sergio Ramos, Rudy Fernandez and Marc Anthony have also been tattooed at his studio.

He has been awarded in many international conventions including: "Lyon Tattoo Convention" and "Oporto Tattoo Convention".

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