Floral Set

Floral Set


A spectacular selection by the best tattoo artists, this set combines the colors used for a floral tattoo style


Baby pink.

Banana, Fruitiest and vibrant Yellow.

Blue, Simply blue, vibrantly done.

Celestial, Mix of cloud white and sky blue.

Cherry, Classic, vibrant red tone.

Dark Green, Dark and perfectly green.

Deep Green, Perfect to make landscaping.

Deep Pink, A concentrated pink color.

Emerald, The perfect mix of blue and green.

Lavender, A floral, fresh and light purple.

Leaf Green, Special for nature tattoos.

Lite Green, Like our Lime green but more yellow.

Malibu Pink, Shades of pink on the Malibu sunset.

Purple Haze, Warm hue of violet craze.

Radiant White, The favorite white for all styles.

Teal, A fantasy-like blue and green mix.