Kory Angarita

by Cocoa Frontend on May 29, 2017

Kory Angarita Figueroa was born in Piedecuesta, Colombia on July 26th, 1984. In School he showed his interest in arts and his first works were actually caricatures of his teachers. This led his art teacher to allow him to take part in the making of the school mural.

As a teenager his skills took him to Bogotá, where he looked for new opportunities. Kory and his brother opened up their first tattoo studio, which became his life. Unfortunately this profession was not well SEEN upon and was full of taboos and prejudices in Colombia.




He learned from tattoo artists from United States and Europe to improve his ink injection to change the stereotypes in Colombia.His commitment to the art advanced his techniQUE in a short PERIOD, but this was not enough.

THEN HE started to paint and practice on canvas to improve his lines and color techniQUES. His high quality work made him a guest from different places of the world and he began winning first places awards in many national and international conventions.

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