Geovanny Moreno

by Cocoa Frontend on December 13, 2017

Moreno is an Ecuadorian tattoo artist that has been drawing since he can remember. There was not a place or a piece of paper that he did not enjoy drawing on. Since he was in grade school he would draw small figures on his arm and a watch on his wrist. He discovered the art of tattooing because he wished to tattoo himself. In the beginning it was just a hobby for Moreno, he would tattoo and assist college in a major that had nothing to do with art, Marine Biology. The love for needles and ink grew bigger and took over his school studies. The day came, he had to choose between becoming a Marine Biologist or a tattoo artist. The choice was simple, an artist was reborn, and since then he has not set his eyes on another profession that is not tattooing.




As many other artist, he started to learn a variety of styles, but he always felt an attraction toward realism. The opportunity to leave his town surged and eventually other countries followed. Traveling helped him to obtain knowledge in various techniques, which have secured him what was a priority for him: realism. He believes that one is always evolving, constantly growing, not just as an artist, but as a person, which empowers the spirit. He wishes to continue to grow every day, learn different techniques, study them constantly, and gain from his constructive critiques, from others and himself. All these things push an artist to continue advancing in this beautiful art form. Moreno belives that he has more to learn and is not yet at the level he wishes to be at. "The sky is the limit: we should paint our own wings to get to this limit, and surpass it more than one can imagine."

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