Jose Mota Ortega

by Cocoa Frontend on June 16, 2019

Born and raised in Barranquitas, a small town in the heart of Puerto Rico, José A. Ortega, a.k.a “Mota”, began his career as tattoo artist at a young age. Mota has always been very passionate about all forms of arts; he explored painting, photography, airbrushing and more. It was then when he discovered that his true calling was the art of tattooing. With continued practice, education, and American and European seminars he acquired and perfected his talent. He developed great experiences with different skin tones and tattoo styles.



He has achieved a sponsorship by renowned companies in the tattoo industry and is guest-spotting in several tattoos studios. He is feature in many conventions and tattoo magazines around the world. Thanks to this path of life, Mota has become a true representative of the island of Puerto Rico at an international level. He has accomplished worldwide recognition. Currently he is inspired by personal experiences and is determined to support the spirit warrior within the people who fight for their lives each day at a time.

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