Jean Alvarez

by Cocoa Frontend on June 11, 2019

Jean Alvarez was introduced to the world of art at a young age through his family. While he initially studied to be an engineer, Jean Alvarez took up a job at his brothers tattoo shop in Venezuela. At the age of 19 this experience taught him first hand the basics of tattooing. Within one year he completed his first tattoo and was completely hooked. Since then Jean Alvarez has dedicated his career to the art of tattooing. His passion for his art has taken him around the world and has allowed him to study different styles and technique from various talented artists.




Jean Alvarez is inspired most by the things he encounters and admires on a daily basis, from women to buildings. Rather than identifying with a single style of tattooing, Jean Alvarez prefers to research and analyze each work. He adapts assorted techniques to best create his work. This approach has placed Jean Alvarez to be featured at expos worldwide and his work has been presented with 12 distinguishing awards. Jean Alvarez’s amazing talents, skills, and drive has presented him with offers to work all over the world, though his home is Miami Tattoo Co.

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