Rojo Art

by Cocoa Frontend on March 31, 2019

This Spanish talent begins his tattoo career in Berlin, after being committed to pencils and paper, arte academies, 2d and 3d design animation, comics and working as a graphic designer, illustrator and artist. For many years he has dedicated his life completely to the art of tattooing, and is obsessed with growing everyday, he continues to travel and create new projects that feed the hunger for his artist knowledge. He has earned multitudes of prizes at international and European tattoo conventions. Realism in black and gray, dark, skulls, portraits, is the type of style that moves his machines the post. Considering he is a versatile artist, if the client wishes, he converts his realist art into a more varied style. Rojo always aims to make his next tattoo his best work.




He is currently working with two friends on a personal project, Inokuo Tattoo Studio (Tenefire Sur) that he open doors to the summer of 2017 in the Island of Tenerife, Spain, the place of his residency. He also collaborates at Radiant Ink lab (California) and CNX Tattoo Studio in Berlin.

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