Marcin Sonski

by Cocoa Frontend on March 25, 2019

Sonski is a Polish artist that is now based in Dublin, Ireland. He has been tattooing professionally since he moved to Ireland back in 2006. He specialized in realism and surreal style both in black & gray and color. He has a free reign over his designs and enjoys letting his mind run wild.




When he started his career as a tattoo artist, Sonski though that this would be a temporary job. He has always been interested in art, even as a young boy he would constantly be drawing, but becoming a professional tattoo artist had never crossed his mind. He knew nothing about tattooing, but he was very excited about this art form and wanted to have a new and exhilarating experience in his life. Little did he know that this would become his greatest passion. He is all about learning now, trying new thing; machines, inks, needles. He aims to be better and better every single day.

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