Emanuel Oliveira

by Cocoa Frontend on April 17, 2019

Emanuel Oliveira was born in Murtosa Oliveira, Portugal, in 1989. He is the son of a painter and he was influenced since childhood by painting and sculpture. When he turned 21, he was given a tattoo kit, with which he began testing it on his friends. Gradually he grew and was recognized for his work in 2013. He was then invited to tattoo in a shop located in Aveiro, Sublimevilla (Portugal).

He started to work professionally and became a resident tattoo artist in that studio from 2014 until today. He also guest spots in many studios and participates annually in conventions in Europe and the USA.




Currently he divides his time between tattoos and painting, which remains the source of his inspiration. Regarding his tattoo style, he tries to be versatile, although his strong style is realism in color and black and grey.

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