Carlos Fabra

by Cocoa Frontend on April 27, 2019

Carlos Fabra is a tattoo artist and illustrator born on June 29, 1986 in the city of Sabadell. From the beginning of his life, drawing had always been present in his routine, winning several awards locally and regionally. With ten years began his career in the world of comics, conducting several courses and publishing fanzines. In his adolescence a professional study has been carried out to be able to carry out higher technical studies in plastic arts and design in the specialty of illustration. After finishing their studies they work as graphic designer and freelance illustrator for different publishers and companies dedicated to advertising. Standing out for an innovative and peculiar style with touches of realism. At age 20 he began his apprenticeship in the world of tattoo, combining his work as an illustrator and designer, until in 2008 he will turn all his creativity into the art of tattooing and began his professional career.




For the next four years, as an independent tattoo artist in his private studio and collaborated with the tattoo studios in the area. It was in this period where he found the tattoo technique with which he feels most comfortable: Black and Gray (tattoos to shades of gray). His great artistic ability in illustration and his constant desire to learn in the tattoo made him increasingly have more clients and his name has been recognized in the area. Finally, in June 2012, his first tattoo studio will be opened in order to better serve our clients. Today, CosaFina Tattoo Studio attends to all clients who are looking for an artistic tattoo work, in black and white, of high quality and always personalized, with a high level of demand and hygiene in everything they do. Since 2013, Carlos Fabra began his career in the world of tattoo conventions throughout Europe, winning great prizes in many of them.

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