Emily Rose

by Hugo Delgadillo on April 20, 2021

 Emily started tattooing in 2007 with a traditional shop apprenticeship. It only took her 5 years before she was already booked out a year ahead and decided to leave the tattoo parlor life behind for a private studio. She has always been artistic and most of her drawings take anywhere from 40minutes to 2 hours to complete. Her decision not to travel from 2012 was based primarily on her desire to put her son and family first so there’s a lot of anticipation that she may start traveling soon.




While now she focuses on work in her own style portraiture has always been a passion for her, and many of her earlier portraits still have a combination of neo traditional elements involved. It’s easy to see a clear path from her early work, much of which was dark, simple, and strongly linked to old school themes while today her tattoo designs are quintessentially feminine in nature.

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