Gara does amazing, surreal black and gray tattoos. The composition Gara does are surreal and thought provoking. 
by Hugo Delgadillo on May 06, 2021
Das Niloy

Das Niloy

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by Cocoa Frontend on November 27, 2019
Orient Ching

Orient Ching

2003 is the year I became a tattoo artist. At the beginning I have put in all my time into my work, didn’t even take any time off, even working though Chinese new year. Didn’t spend the time with my family, it’s been like that for a few years. Until today changes starts to happen, all this time I’ve been pursuiting for art, until now I’ve just realise, it’s time to stop pushing myself, it’s time to step back and relax and change my direction. By looking at things from another angle, I have found out ideas and what’s around you, maybe by just talking to a stringers. By making a beautiful tattoo is not hard, but it is very difficult to make it special for someone and strike there hart.
by Cocoa Frontend on April 24, 2019



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